One last question…

An interesting last question to ask at a job interview..”What would make someone not like you?” Not designed to cause embarrassment but rather to see how people react to an unexpected question. As a recruiter once told me..We advertise for CEO’s and human beings turn up….At the end of the day we hire people and not a resume…

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  1. Not directly relevant to your post but I recently read an article that suggested our recruitment decisions are usually made within the first minute of meeting the candidate. I guess that there is truth in this to the extent that we already know from the candidates’ CVs that they can do the job, the purpose of interviews is really to assess the candidates’ personalities, their values and their ability to fit-in with the team. Whilst the vast majority of us would never knowingly discriminate against a candidate, given our sub conscious tendency to recruit ‘in our own image’ there is a danger that we sub consciously discriminate against candidates who do not mirror us. Perhaps, therefore, the last question in any interview should be one for ourselves; are we sure we have got the right person for the job???

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